We at Grosvenor Search have dealt with assignments with a cross-section of the financial services sector. We have extensive experience of senior Legal and Compliance appointments in the alternative Asset Management sector and Private Equity.

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A list of some of the institutions and assignments our consultants have worked with:

$11 Billion Multi Strategy Hedge Fund
Head of Legal and Compliance

$5 Billion Credit Hedge Fund
Head of Compliance

$1.5 Billion Private Equity Fund in emerging markets
UK Lawyer

Multi strategy Hedge Fund
Head of Compliance UK

$40 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund
Head of Legal

US Investment Bank
Head of Futures Option and Sales and Trading

$8 Billion Hedge Fund

Property Fund
Head of Legal UK

Prop Trader and Market Maker
Head of Compliance

Asset Manager and Private Equity Fund
Leverage Finance lawyer
Private Equity lawyer

Retail and Institutional Asset Manager
Director level appointment, lawyer
VP level appointment in legal, lawyer

Retail Asset Manager
Funds Lawyer

US Investment Bank
Transactional lawyer

US Retail Bank and Asset Manger
Head of Investments, lawyer
Head of Insurance, lawyer
Head Retail Banking UK, lawyer

Japanese Investment Bank
VP level appointment lawyer

UK Investment bank
Head of Emerging Markets Derivatives, lawyer

Russian Investment Bank
Derivatives lawyer, Russian speaker

$11 Billion multi strategy Hedge Fund
Case study 1

We were asked by a $11 Billion multi strategy Hedge Fund who also carried out activities similar to a Private Equity House to find a Head of Legal for the UK. The requirements were a transactional and Private Equity skill set, exposure to the Financial Services Authority, to be Ivy League or Oxbridge educated and previous experience of work in the UK office of a US Hedge Fund. These were very specific recruitment criteria and we were able to present our client with on-point candidates meeting their criteria.

Start-up US Hedge Fund
Case study 2

We were approached by a start-up US Hedge Fund, with significant committed capital, to find them a Head of Compliance in the UK. They approached us because we had experience of successfully completing assignments for their competitors. Their new search was similar and they wanted consultants who already knew that space and could act quickly and give them comprehensive market coverage.

Emerging Market Private Equity Fund
Case study 3

We were approached by an Emerging Market Private Equity Fund, on the recommendation of one of the Partners of a Fund we had completed an assignment for. The client had very particular needs and wanted information on how others handled the same resourcing challenges in a small fund. We pitched for and won this assignment because of our expertise and ability to guide our client through the combonation of skill sets available in the market.

Asset Manager
Case study 4

We were approached by an Asset Manager we had worked for, to make a second hire for them, based on the quality of candidates we had provided for them a year earlier. We recognise the importance of understanding our clients' needs, partnering with them to provide ongoing support as their teams grow.

Sovereign Wealth Fund
Case study 5

We were asked by a Sovereign Wealth Fund to find a Head of Legal for them. They approached us because they realised the location of the role would make successfully recruiting for the role very difficult. They therefore needed consultants that not only knew who had the capability for the role, but also what the background and the personalities of these professionals were and the likelihood that they would make a move to the location for that role.

$5 Billion Credit Hedge Fund
Case study 6

We were asked by a $5 Billion Credit Hedge Fund to find them a Head of Compliance with buy side experience. They were unsure if they wanted a lawyer or a pure Compliance professional, we provided them with a choice of both so they could make the assessment.

Private Equity Fund
Case study 7

We were asked by an Emerging Market Private Equity fund to find them a COO who had a back-ground as a lawyer. Once we provided the client with information of the activities that an in-house lawyer undertook in similar organisations, and gave them several potential candidates, our client decided that the role could be re-defined and fulfilled by a mid level lawyer with the right personality. Consequently they decided that the combined COO function could be revisited.