Our client base is a cross-section of the financial services sector with a particular focus on Hedge Fund, Private Equity and traditional Asset Management. Have a look at our experience and case studies for a flavour of some of the searches we have been asked to undertake.


Grosvenor Search has the sector expertise to provide you with information and advice to make informed hiring decisions.

Our extensive experience of working with Asset Managers and financial services institutions of varying size and investment activity means we have seen how others do it.

We support our clients in all their legal recruitment needs, at all levels. Whether this be the appointment of General Counsel or a member of their team. We are able to give advice as to what similar sized organisations are doing and what cocktail of skills and experience are working for them and might work for you.

We support our clients in appointing senior Compliance professionals either as sole Heads of Compliance or reporting to the Head of Legal and Compliance. Whether this be Heads of Compliance who are lawyers by background and able to traverse both fields or pure Compliance professionals with relationships with the FSA and experience of putting procedures in place.

We support our clients in the appointment of their Chief Operating Officers. Where finding a COO with relevent sector experience for example, buy-side experience is critical; we have the market mapped.

We are familiar with working with US and European funds opening UK offices and the challenges our clients face. We are attuned to the cultural differences and nuances that may affect the inter office relationships.

We are part of the TalentFlow® network of companies with additional capabilities such as psychometric testing and profiling.

we deal with some very influential people...